How to Do A Natural Feet Care


One of our most important organs which carries us every since our first steeps is our feet. That is why we have an article covering the information on how to feet care. It’s completely on you to have beautiful smooth feet. Feet care is necesarry for feet health. Who doesn’t want to have well-groomed and elegant feet? We are going to tell you how to take care of your feet with details in this article. This way you will be able to take care of your feet naturally in the best economic way. It depends on you to have beautiful feet with the tips on how to have smooth feet we’ll give you.


How to Do Feet Care At Home?

Importance of Hygene on Feet Care

One of the main rules of self care is hygene, in every process. The more importance you give to hygene, the better results you will recieve. First of all, smellly feet is one of the most troubling issues in society. You can mosty get rid of this problem by taking regular showers and washing your feet in necesarry occacions. Also changing your shoes or let them out in the air are also in alternative options. In today’s society many people have different shoe options anyways. If you have abnormally sweating feet, you can get rid of this problem with baby powder. This way your feet won’t sweat as much and bother you. Picking shoes is a very effective on feet care. Your top choices must be airing ones.

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Things to Do For Feet Health

  • Shoes that are too tight or too lose is enough to damage your feet structure. By this means, you must not prefer them. First steep to feet care is picking what’s best for your feet.
  • Shoes that breathe air is very important for your feet health. So it is probably a very good idea to avoid plastic shoes or rain boots.
  • Heels deserve an extra special care due to being over crushed or carrying extra weight. So in order to prevent them from drying, you should remove dead skin cells with pumice stones once a week. If it’s possible, apply a dense moisturizer, put on thick socks and sleep like that. This way your feet will be soft all week.
  • Even if you’re having pedicure or not, you must avoid damaging live skin. Otherwise live skin will grow dense and bother you constantly. So you must let a professional handle it or learn to do it very well. Also, you must be careful, sometimes these procedures can be done unhygenicly. This increases the risk both of skin diseases and blood diseases. You must definitely watch out and ask for the cleansing of tools.
  • If you like using nail polish, don’t forget that they must not be on nails longer than 2 days! Because your nails need to breathe just like the rest of our body. Otherwise the nails will get weaker and start to break. Healthy nails are the keys to a well done feet care. In this sense, you must not keep polished more than 2 days and leave a day in between.

Highly Effective Care Recipes for Feet Care

Baking Soda and Cold Water

All you need for this amazing, practical cure which will decrease swollenness and help relaxation is 3-4 lt of water, a dessert spoon of baking soda and a tea spoon of salt. Mix all the ingredients. You will love this idea if you work long hours, especially standing. Plus you can try this for your legs in the shower as well. Dry your feet carefully every time after applications in case of any risk of damaging feet shape. Otherwise fungus disease might pop up suddenly.

Natural Feet Care with Lemon

This care is very easy and practical. Add a full squeezed lemon’s juice to 4 lt of cold water. Adding natural oils is recommended by us. This will strengthen your nails while taking care of your feet.

This mask is very good for removing harmful bacteria for your nails and skin.

The-lemon-foot-benefits How to Do A Natural Feet Care

Do A Feet Peeling

Most of the time, pucime stone will not be enough on its own. You will need to do a peeling once a month till ankles. For those who want to do it naturally, mix a table spoon of natural sugar with a table spoon of coconut oil and peel your feet. Don’t forget to massage. This way you’ll start the days with soft feet.


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Focus on Natural Moisturizers

Even tho companies try to trick you with advertisements and marketing techniques, none of them are as good as the natural way. So you can use natural oils to moisturize your feet. One of them is coconut oil, very popular recently. It’s very creamy. We also recommend olive oil besides it.


Feet care is a part of self care routine. So your feet contains a lot of information about your health and your ID. You can get effective results with the tips we gave you in the article. It is easy for anybody to do these feet care techniques as well as it’s cheap and practical. You can achieve beautiful feet by applying these even while watching tv or reading a book.

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