Pantomed Cream

Pantomed Cream

Side Effects of Pantomed Cream
Side Effects of Pantomed Cream

Pantomed Cream, the effective substances Pantomed Cream contains are daskpantenol and clorheksidin hydroclorur. This cream kills the infections on your skin and prevents them. It is used to treat cronic scars, nipple cracking during breastfeeding, skin infections, wounds caused by sharp objects.

What is Pantomed Cream

Pantomed cream is usually given by doctors. It is sold with prescription in 20, 30 and 40 g of tubes. Pantomed cream is the most prefered one due to effecting very quickly. Its usage areas are ;

  • Wounds in the foot area
  • Wounds that are caused by long term bed treatments.
  • Cure for cracked nipples
  • Surgery scars
  • Cuts, deep straches, strech marks, acne treatments
  • Eczema and itchiness caused by eczema
  • Anus cracks
  • Rash

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Indications of Pantomed Cream

  • If you have allergies to anything listed in Pantomed Plus, you must not start the treatment.
  • It is highly recommended for people with sunburnts to stay away
  • Clean the area needs treatment with water. Apply the Pantomed Plus Cream to the scar.
  • There is no problem with covering the area with a cloth after applying the cream.
  • You must use big and comfortable diaperrs if you want no irritations on your baby’s skin. And try to keep dry. You must change diapers often.
  • Do not apply any other cream on the scar while using Pantomed cream. Breastfeeding mums must wash it off carefully before breastfeeding.
  • Avoid eye, mouth and vaginal contact. Wash off in case of contact.
  • You must stay away from shampoos and hair creams that can cause irritation. Keep natural.
Indications of Pantomed Cream
Indications of Pantomed Cream

How to Use Pantomed Cream

Do the application the way your doctor perscriped it. Do not act against your doctor’s advice. To use pantomed cream ;

  • Apply it after cleaning the area.
  • It is okay to cover the area after application. No negative impact has been detected so far.

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Side Effects of Pantomed Cream

You must see your doctor if you feel stomach ache, breathing problems or swollen body parts. These side effects are very rare. There is no other side effect rather than explained above.

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