What Is Keratin?

What Is Keratin?


Keratin Care / what is keratin
Keratin Care / what is keratin

If you have, matte, pale and hardly shaping hair and don’t want to cut your hair, try keratin care.  Here is the keratin care you wonder hear about but don’t really know the details…

Let’s begin to talk about this magical hair potion by answering the question ”what is keratin”… Keratin is a protein group in cells containing fibers. It is strong due to its texture and our hair, nails and skin is made of it. It is a must have for our hair care. It’s common in our lives, you can find it in leather, silk and other fabrics.

What Are The Benefits of Keratin Care?

Our hair is often damaged by seasons changes, dyeing, bleaching, sprays and many other effects. Also our eating habits effect the health of our hair as well. Keratin care runs to our help in this issue. Keratin creates a protective shield on our hair. A stronger hair gets less effected enviromental  issues.

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Which Hair Type Needs Keratin?

If you notice your hair getting thinner, matte and losing shine and hair loss, your hair needs this care.

How to Do Keratin Mask?

This process that will repair your hair and bring it to old glorious days is not that hard as it’s assumed. You can get this very popular treatment done at your hairdresser or do it yourself with keratin products at home. There are many keratin masks by many companies, you must be careful about picking non-processed ones. You must take a look at ingredients of the mask whetever if you do it yourself or get it done at your hairdresser. Before beginning keratin care, hair is washed carefully with a special shampoo, this shampoo removes dead skin cells and etc. After it’s held in your hair awhile, it’s washed off. And the care treatment is applied to different parts of your hair. You can put it in your roots as well. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Dry your face, naturally if you have time. It is beneficial to repeat this from time to time.

Keratin Mask / what is keratin
Keratin Mask / what is keratin

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What Should Be Done After Keratin Care?

One of the most important parts of keratin care is what must be done after it. You must follow some rules to increase the effect. You must not wash your hair for 48/72 hours after the treatment. You should avoid sweating activities and dry your hair instantly if it gets wet. You must let your hair loose as much as possible. You must use non-bubbly and sulfate-free shampoos, stay away from the chemicals. Also try to avoid products that contain keratin after the treatment because too much keratin will make your hair very heavy.

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